Ethnic Wellbeing Workshops and Seminars

We are providing various workshops and seminars to promote the awareness of ethnic people on their rights as well as the law and regulations in New Zealand.

We also help New Zealanders to understand and appreciate ethnic individuals’ and families’ cultural and traditional values and expectations. Parenting programs, Ethnic children’s wellbeing, Ethnic pregnant mother wellbeing, Ethnic man well being

IT Education

The basic computer course for adults that ROC runs extends into the family by gifting to graduates a computer to go into the home, accessible to all living there to practice on.

Due to Covid-19, we know that schools have been tasked with providing laptops or other devices for pupils to complete homework at home. We have kept in touch with the children coming to ROC’s afterschool classes through their devices.

Please outline what Covid response this programme has and how it extends to both organisations.

As understanding and familiarity with the online world increases, so too will it help us to get Covid-19 messages, translated as required, and service messages out to clients, their families and community members.


We intend to extend the current mentoring program by merging aspects of the WEFST’s guitar classes and creative therapy sessions ROC’s afterschool programs also can have therapeutic elements as children play therapy, introduced that are currently part of WEFST’s programs.

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